Hi again, I’m not a big fan of excuses, so let’s just say: Life. Countdown Towards release Link Here. So what’s new? Not much in terms of dialogue has been developed since the scenes are quite extensive. Cherry and other characters who are usually in more individualized scenes have been the secondary focus this week, […]

Hello again, So, last week was the release of the game and thus no preview posts were made since GDS was working on fixing some bugs that were detected / some typos. Since that’s done, here’s a new preview post. (Again, posts on Saturday will only happen if there’s an unexpected situation which doesn’t allow […]

Hello peeps, Another week, another post so let’s dive right into it. GDS has been wrapping up the bar scenes while focusing mainly on the RPG-Fantasy portion of the game. Animations have been a priority as well, as you can see in the Featured Image of this post. Another focus has been bug fixing and […]

Hello guys, So as promised here’s another Weekly Preview post. This week GDS has been focusing on the RPG-Fantasy and Bar part of the update. In regards to the RPG-Fantasy, some XXX scenes have been made and new characters have been introduced to the plot before the player can dive into the RPG-Fantasy world. Animations […]

Hi everyone, So this will be a longer post than usual, but we’d like to inform you of what’s going on and some of the changes that were made after reading your feedback. GDS has received a lot of requests to update you guys on what’s been happening in a more consistent matter, so you […]