2Meet Chloe:

On her 18th birthday she sets out to fulfill her dreams, Called ‘Plankie’ by her so called friends she will have to show them she can also be popular.

Manage Chloe’s School life and job to raise money for rent, food and clothes, Control her stats (Sluttyness, Fitness, Smarts, Dance, And much more) Meet new people and find out their stories, Let people take advantage of Chloe or make Chloe have all the fun it’s all up to you.


  • 99 Achievements and over 100 sex animations
  • Lots of Areas,Lots of Adventures
  • A complete game
  • It’s a game, no a novel where you just need to click next

Additional Information: The second part will come out next month and you will be able to import your save from this version.(edited)

Download: FINAL version 1.02

-Windows Version- (recomended)

-MAC Version-

-Android Version-

-Online Version- (works on all devices, even Ipads,)



-MAC FIX: Gatekeeper(Mac Antivirus) wont let Chloe18 to run.

But Chloe18 is not damaged!!!



  • New compression system, Game went from 2gb to 400mb with no quality lost
  • 3800 images, in total
  • 99 Achievements
  • All routes so far have a end
  • There are no more dead ends in the game
  • 11 new Achievements
  • Several bug fixes
  • Audio fix
  • finally Chloe will have to pay rent, or not
  • Find out who Pizza-girl fucked the bikers
  • try again to be a cheerleader