Chloe18 NEW

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What is new:

  • 17 New sex animation
  • New car wash activity
  • Taylor corruption route
  • New location full of activities (gym)
  • SCENE REPLAY added as requested
  • a lot sexy new scenes with no SEX animation
  • Kayley selfie video add
  • Mackenzie selfies unlocked
  • New scene with Taylor’s mom
  • A total of 6 new side quests to help to keep track and find new content

Fixed Bugs:

  • ALL scenes with Makenzie in the library now can be seem
  • no crash or getting struck when Chloe runs out of panties
  • some Engish Errors were corrected

To be fixed bugs

  • game can go under 0 days ( gonna be fixed only on final release)
  • random stuck on College (very rare)  if someone can reproduce this bug 100% please contact me
  • Some quests may stay as ?????????  instead of completed

New Bugs: