Fake Family

Spin off From Chloe18!


Chloe18 Back to Class stopped when Chloe Needed To make everyone Think That she isn’t that much of a slut herself, and Taylor is worse.


Take the Part of Trevis, He tried to be a criminal to impress a girl, and failed terribly.

Now with the help of Chloe, Trevis will pretend to be Taylor’s Brother. What at first it seems like a good place to hide,

now while pretending to be her Brother you need corrupt Taylor and her whole family, (not that you don’t want to)

-Enjoy chloe18’s world from another angle, With the hot and realist girls you know and like.

-Several improvements to game-play and of course a very good sex system that should leave you wanting more(if the version 01 didn’t have 71 sex scene with different outcomes each)


-and is an actual game,

  • Some girls Are animated outside the sex scenes, so they move they arms, head, blinks and change face expression as you talk to them
  • If you have sex with a girl in college then try again in a date you will end up a whole new set of scenes and different outcomes
  • Explore Taylor House with her whole family moving around
  • Explore Taylor’s college, take classes , and much more
  • Drive around an ugly 2D MAP in GTA2 style(my art sucks)
  • Take girls on dates, and after drive to an alley and play a Full date until you score
  • Do heists to hone the skills that got you in this mess in the first place
  • A meme Minigame where you play as a DOGE ( you can skip it if you don’t like it)