Where to get the Final Beta? –  CLICK HERE TO GET IT-   I promised to finish by the first of this month, but I could not. But believe me, it was worth the wait. Here’s what’s in the final BETA: The game is finished. Only a handful of scenes and the endings are missing […]

  DATING AMY Final Update is close by TL;DR Next month will be the next update with over 30 new animations You guys voted to add a lot of content related to dating Amy. Originally, it was scheduled for release today with no new additions, but due to overwhelming votes on Patreon, we’ve had to […]

-added 18 new ending in a total of 24 endings( you can reach multiple endings on a same playthrough -Added 108 Story Achievements now with a total of 120 SEX Achievements and 108 story Achievements -Story achievements do Carry form one save to the other like the sex ones does now -There is a in […]

  As I promised, I’ve finished the next full Chloe18 game (the last one featuring Chloe18 as the main character for some time). I did say I’d finish this month. I completed the game three days ago and have been debugging it with the help of a few friends, but boy, it’s taking a while. […]

TL;DR Final update For chloe18 game next month!   Hey guys, I’m happy to announce that the final update for Chloe18 is almost here! The game is set to feature multiple endings, over 100 animations, and so much more. We’re in the final stages now, as it’s currently in beta testing. Due to the complex […]

AI-Powered Chloe18: Behind Schedule But Upgraded!

Hey mates! Before anything else, I want to apologize for the delay – I know you’re all hungry for new content, and I promise you, I am working around the clock(SOBER mostly) to bring you the best experience possible. And this is the reason for the delay: AI   << its taking over the world but […]

My primary focus is still on developing the latest update for my main game, “Chloe18,” which I’m excited to announce will be released soon! I know many of you have been eagerly awaiting this, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Your patience and support mean the world to me.   In the […]

Hello all I hope you enjoyed Dating Amy that game took me almost two months to make, but end up with 18 NEW animations + a few more.   Now makings things short: 2023 schedule -Release Secrete project ONE (dating Amy) -Final update of Chloe’s Cheerleader’s game ( name pending)  NEXT UPDATE -Intergrade The chosen […]

  Dating Amy: A game that you guys has been asking for a LONG time        ( that is what she said)   Play As Travis and pop Amy’s cherry or fail miserably at it while chasing her sister. Amy is a sweet, naive 21 years old exchange student from Japan attending classes […]