Dating Amy final Beta is now out

Where to get the Final Beta?



I promised to finish by the first of this month, but I could not. But believe me, it was worth the wait.

Here’s what’s in the final BETA:

  • The game is finished. Only a handful of scenes and the endings are missing (currently in debug).
  • The full update is about the last day (beach date), and old save files are 100% compatible.
  • 35 NEW ADULT-scenes, all reachable.
  • Amy and Kaoru have several scenes, endings, and outcomes, maybe even an haren ending?
  • Trevis’ mom has a lot of different new scenes, from her Route A and B, each having two branching scenarios.
  • A lot of random smaller girls have their own scenes on the beach.
  • Daiane has a lot of new scenes (her A-scene will come in the final release).
  • Kayley has a LOT of content on her A-route (when you choose her). The B-route will come in the final update.
  • Amy’s chances of cucking Trevis are very slim now, and you CANNOT get it by mistake or just by ignoring her (this was a very big complaint the game had before no accidental NTR).
  • This is the first GDS game with proper English, thanks to my custom-made AI, A.K.A SexySkynet Version 69.


Should you play this version or wait?

If you just want to see all the new content and are okay with seeing it again when the ending scenes are added, go for it. The game is 99% done anyway.


When will the final full update be?

In two weeks. It’s just about time to fix reported bugs in this version, and:

  • Add all the endings
  • Finish Kayley’s Route B (when you let her hang with Cameron at the bar)
  • Add Daiane’s A-scenes
  • Make Assface’s choices on the final day give you more stats, so you don’t have to restart the whole game for that last +10 , +20  ,+99
  • Add the scenes with the police girls that appear on the beach
  • A surprise that should be voted on.








June 29, 2024 GDS Chloe18 5 Comments


  1. Anonymous

    June 30, 2024

    wow i thought the day would never come

  2. Wu

    June 30, 2024

    It’s too slow and other game bugs are not fixed.

  3. Uncle phil

    July 1, 2024

    Where are the taylor scenes?

  4. Kayley

    July 6, 2024

    Didnt play yet, but it has to have /more save slots/different save system. (in previous you had 3 save slots, but 4 diff routes, now there is more_)

    Also thought there will be content with nerd girl, its before i checked spoilers. No her. So this version most likely will mirror first release – Amy + Kaoru, Kayley, probably another 0.1 with Daiane, Mom. nothing new.
    an actual Dating Amy(and Kaoru) game. where these girls have the best development.

    I hope -_- whats only going to be new, no female protagonist-like content, like it was in Surprise update.(masturbating and cuckold)

    imagine gds didnt do chloe part in Fake Family, didnt renew Chloe18. this content could be in the end of 21, early 2022… and in-game, in Fake Family. and it still could be top trending game on f95…. -_-

  5. Gal

    July 13, 2024

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