Weekly Preview #3 & Announcements

Hello peeps,

Another week, another post so let’s dive right into it. GDS has been wrapping up the bar scenes while focusing mainly on the RPG-Fantasy portion of the game. Animations have been a priority as well, as you can see in the Featured Image of this post.

Another focus has been bug fixing and english / grammatical improvements. This is always an annoying and tedious part and unfortunately isn’t as interesting as new information but it’s a part of development, so we thought you should know.

This week there haven’t been any questions or big concerns so this post is a bit shorter than the previous ones but the announcement that follows is quite important so make sure to check it out. Also a reminder that you can ask questions here or on discord. Join our discord server here.

Announcement: A new tier for Patreon is being currently being planned. Most likely it will be 15$ and it’s unique reward will be bug testing. GDS is currently looking for people to test his game before the official release, that means finding bugs and helping out with grammar / typos.

Announcement 2: The game should enter the bug testing phase this Monday!

And that’s all. Hope you guys enjoyed the preview pics, if you missed the previous Weekly Preview post make sure to check it out here. As always feel free to ask any questions. And I’ll see you next week.


  1. Anonymous

    May 26, 2018

    I’d be interested in the bug testing Patreon, I’m currently a $10 subscriber.

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