We have been quite this past 30 days, but not idle. Some games are steeping up and offering better graphics and new mechanics, so we could not stay behind.   Next update will be something else: -Quests 4- 6 will be completed -A second playable character only for those quests -Real FULL 1080p graphics, no […]

Last update was 26h of December,  last year was a very good year for Chloe18 from April to November the game got: 200 new animations(almost one per day) A full new story full of sex twists and sexy fun, Thanks to Bella’s writing the game itself was one of, if not the biggest adult 3d […]

Happy new year, Everyone Me and Bella are working of the next update for some time, You can expect some very huge things about it, more info will come soon, but today let’s choose your favorites so they will get more scene in the future:   Everyone can vote HERE Super patrons can vote HERE  […]

Me and Bella we have some very good new for who supports and plays the Chloe18 Series and all our other games, This end of year we had: A giant update with almost 60 sex scene animations and story at October A regular update with 40 sex animations and even more story at November am […]

this is a message from Bella: Merry Christmas guys, Sorry i was a bit absent. But i’m training my english skills so i hope you all like it   I wanted to do something different to chloe’s story, so first I wanted a recap, something big and fun with a lot of stuff to do, […]

Bella likes so much the X-mas images, that she really wanted to make a small story for Halloween(it’s her birthday) So here’s a small story in very high quality images made by Bella:     Dont forget, next Chloe18 update in a couple of weeks, there is a timer on Patreon.

I got a more powerful PC so I decided to make a way better update, all new images will look better, i will add a lot of new stuff and play-ability, and lot’s lots of contents and sex scenes, the game update is going Great noo, but I did had a lot of drawback with […]

News about the next update

As some of you know, was voted in the Patreon page for Chloe18 have a bigger update, So I’m just gonna tease a bit on how things are going. A bit about the next update: Red-light District won, and Bella is working on writing some very hot stuff there is going to be a bit […]

Click on the image to go to the latest Update First you voted for a QoL update and then a bigger update so here it is: QoL update for patrons HERE Changelog: -Achievements Can now be seen in the game menu (you still can only replay the scenes on the main menu) -clicking on a […]

CLICK on the link to check the timer: NEXT UPDATE TIMER   Next update will be a monthly update, but don’t worry, Chloe18 even with a monthly update will have 24 new Animations, new stories, new Quest and much more. some Clarifications, The update was set to June 31st and its actually 99% done and […]