Chloe18 Back to class was a huge success with over 100 new animation it was be biggest V.01 adult game ever, and high quality. the next update wont grow short of that, even if I’d released it today it will be already a huge  update, but the story could be a bit flat so I’m […]

It was a close Match it was decided for only 10 votes of diference, the next update will add: Beach – New things to do during the weekend Possible to meet almost everyone on the beach Lots of bikinis and exhibitionism for Chloe and the others A lot of activities And sexy scene like playing […]

Chloe18 Back To Class Released Chloe is back. with over 100 animation, and its the biggest games of its kind even on V.01, with is own game engine. -GAME DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE- -PASSWORD for patrons only- 5$ patrons will have the password in one week Features: 102 Animated Scenes – one of the biggest Adult […]

Merry X-mas, holidays or whatever, I wish everyone a happy new year, I want to thanks everyone that supported me this year, it allowed me to focus on doing those games you guys like so much, the next update is set for January, stay tuned because its gonna be big! As x-mas gift a small […]

Im sorry, I’ve being working non-stop but haven’t made a update lately. the game should be done next month or early Jan, but no date so far, (since you guys voted for a longer release for the first update)   Glory hole is back, and even better done The interface was totally remade so now […]

Chloe18 Back to Class is around 1/3 finished the first update is going to be huge like it was voted, aiming for over 50 animation Most location have being upgraded, like the gym/Diner/School and much more: New upgraded Diner, And now Chloe will wear a wig on this job School was totally remade, still having […]

Chloe18 Back To Class is getting big! So big that only part of it was so great that I decided to release as stand-alone game Meet Chloe18-CamGirl-Game   The game is released: 10$ + Patrons Get the full version HERE 5$ Patron get the full version 1 week from this post Everyone else gets a […]

(I learned how to do better and smoother animation, And I plan to start making better animation on my games soon, I just need more patrons or time to buy the Hardware missing)   Chloe is getting back to her School, as it was voted by my patron on her new story-line “Chloe18 Back to Class” […]

Finally Chloe is getting back to her Student life, and for that I set a huge Vote for all my patrons so they could decide on this new Story-line What was Choosen? 25$ patrons decided:  Game will be called Chloe Back to Class  The RPG Stuff will continue( you can replay the old part on […]

Chloe18’s last day of vacation is near Click here to see timer TIMER After Chloe finishes her vacation she will go back to her school life, And this update mark just that This update will be focused on The Ginger’s(as it was voted): There is a lot of content, And a lot to do. After […]