Chloe18 Fake Family Progress update ALMOST HERE

Sorry about the “slow update”
But the next update is now done and on debug stage,
So you can expect later this month, or early next one.

why did it took a bit longer that I Promised>>

77 new animation/sex scenes:
Was voted to Re-use the old night club

But I end up RE-making the whole stuff and ADDED a lot of new things:

I re-added the old stripper job 
New delivery Job and lots of Pizza girl too More quest markers so you know what is left to do:

And much much more:
July 23, 2021 GDS Chloe18 10 Comments


  1. Anonymous

    July 23, 2021

    Pizza Girl is the Queen!!!!!

  2. Captain Obvious

    July 23, 2021

    I may be wrong BUT to me it seems that the update will add a FUCKTON of new Chloe stuff. Finally a good amount of Chloe content into Fake Family. I look forward to advance with Chloes plan.

  3. Anonymous

    July 23, 2021

    Yes fuck travis and his bullshit, we signed up for chloe so lets get chloe please

    • Anonymous

      July 24, 2021

      Yep, Travis was a terrible detour. Chloe is where the magic is. I would also kind of like to see more between her and the nerdy girl, and Amy, and–at last–Kaoru too! Also, the option to piss down Chloe’s throat (and every body else’s) would be a nice addition. You wouldn’t HAVE to do it. It could just be an option. Anyway, we’ve been waiting (and paying) a long time for a real Chloe update. Please don’t keep us waiting much longer. It’s a great game.

    • Anonymous

      July 31, 2021
  4. Anonymous

    July 29, 2021

    travis history was a big mistake i hope so he doesn’t come back the game is call chloe18 for a reason

  5. Anonymous

    July 29, 2021

    Can’t say I agree with the other comments. Personnaly I’m not a big fan of female protag games and seeing things from Trevor’s perspective is what sold me onto this one. I know a lot of people on other forums agree with that sentiment. I don’t mind a bit of Chloe content, and for the most part it stayed relevant to Trevor’s side so far.

    Of course devs are free to do what they want with their game but I’m hoping this one stays on track with the original idea.
    If the goal is to go towards an “all Chloe game” maybe it should be made something separate.

  6. Anonymous

    July 31, 2021

    I am a little disappointed … This is just a remake of BtC_Chloe18 now with a little bit of Travis! I was so dreaming of Amy!!! I am so sad … Just replaying BtC remake.

  7. Anonymous

    July 31, 2021

    I cant even fuck Bella/mom anymore … cry

  8. Dip4ks

    January 15, 2024

    Ummm Chloe 18 fake family Can’t wait for android version tooo…

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