Me and Bella we have some very good new for who supports and plays the Chloe18 Series and all our other games, This end of year we had: A giant update with almost 60 sex scene animations and story at October A regular update with 40 sex animations and even more story at November am […]

this is a message from Bella: Merry Christmas guys, Sorry i was a bit absent. But i’m training my english skills so i hope you all like it   I wanted to do something different to chloe’s story, so first I wanted a recap, something big and fun with a lot of stuff to do, […]

Bella likes so much the X-mas images, that she really wanted to make a small story for Halloween(it’s her birthday) So here’s a small story in very high quality images made by Bella:     Dont forget, next Chloe18 update in a couple of weeks, there is a timer on Patreon.

I got a more powerful PC so I decided to make a way better update, all new images will look better, i will add a lot of new stuff and play-ability, and lot’s lots of contents and sex scenes, the game update is going Great noo, but I did had a lot of drawback with […]

News about the next update

As some of you know, was voted in the Patreon page for Chloe18 have a bigger update, So I’m just gonna tease a bit on how things are going. A bit about the next update: Red-light District won, and Bella is working on writing some very hot stuff there is going to be a bit […]

Click on the image to go to the latest Update First you voted for a QoL update and then a bigger update so here it is: QoL update for patrons HERE Changelog: -Achievements Can now be seen in the game menu (you still can only replay the scenes on the main menu) -clicking on a […]

CLICK on the link to check the timer: NEXT UPDATE TIMER   Next update will be a monthly update, but don’t worry, Chloe18 even with a monthly update will have 24 new Animations, new stories, new Quest and much more. some Clarifications, The update was set to June 31st and its actually 99% done and […]

Problems with Android Port FIX

Chloe18 Always Had android support, Now due to its size some people are having some problems. The Android port is working 100% but you may have some errors still, Here how to FIX:   -Make sure you have enough free memory,  You need 3x the app size on your PHONE MEMORY even if you are […]

Chloe18  is now official the biggest game out there, and one of the best, with only 2 updates already we have: Over 140 animation Several story lines and thing to do Realistic Model based On real people Written by GDS and Bella-Lolly to give a very good story and perspective A real game Hand-made, not […]

May update

the next update is almost here, (MAY) I’m trying to do a lot in the time before release , but I can say This update will be Huge, thanks for your support, Next update i will make a vote if you guys want me go back to 20 animations per update, And smaller updates to […]