New update is out, Next one is near

Chloe18  is now official the biggest game out there, and one of the best,
with only 2 updates already we have:

  • Over 140 animation
  • Several story lines and thing to do
  • Realistic Model based On real people
  • Written by GDS and Bella-Lolly to give a very good story and perspective
  • A real game Hand-made, not only a visual novel where you juts click NEXT



And Now That the Latest version is out to my Patrons, NEW UPDATE HERE

we will talk about the next update, it will be smaller (in GDS terms, but bigger Compared to any other adult game) , and it will come out this month -JUNE-

For now just a few teasers:

P.S. we have A smaller but very welcome surprise too.


May 31, 2019 GDS Chloe18 7 Comments


  1. Anonymous

    June 1, 2019

    please make more stuff with Tom and carrie i love this much

  2. Maggie

    June 2, 2019
  3. Anonymous

    June 4, 2019

    can i use my free version save in the patrons only version?

  4. Lucas

    June 7, 2019

    Is this for back to school or the original Chloe 18?

  5. Torchwood

    June 16, 2019

    Well, sounds great. Looking forward to this.

  6. Anonymous

    June 17, 2019

    Am I missing something or does the previous version show theres a park somewhere?

  7. Jimmy

    May 19, 2021

    Are u making a fix to the download for android if not u should just upload it to renpy do u also have a discord

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