New year’s Poll

Happy new year, Everyone
Me and Bella are working of the next update for some time,
You can expect some very huge things about it, more info will come soon, but today let’s choose your favorites so they will get more scene in the future:


Everyone can vote HERE

Super patrons can vote HERE 

(super patrons will choose twice, the winner of regular vote and super patron vote will get a lot of more scenes)


What you will be voting:

A girl to have more scenes

You favorite sex game-play


Sex game play:


  • -with some exceptions the basic display on most Chloe18 games
  • -good paced
  • -New small text on every click
  • -Make it easier to enjoy and read
  • -floating text will be on the right place for you to look and enjoy that scene just right

  • -made based on classic +all others game-play GDS has experimented
  • -gives full control on scene’s speed/pace. Can go back and forth as long you want
  • -shows multiple texts at time, give more to read with less clicks
  • -can get too clutched  with text sometimes( it still have the same among of text as the Classic)
  • -the intro and cum-shot of the scene still the same as’ classic mode” it only changes the animation time





Just turned 18, trying to fulfill her dream of been a cheerleader.

most people call her plankie for the her lack of boobs
she tries not to be such a slut, but most people take advance of that, and she kind of likes it, otherwise she would not let then do it


Chloe’s Rival and friend,

She also want to became a cheerleader, but unlike Chloe is very good looking and hot,

a bit or airhead that will always let Chloe lead her into sex with a lot of strangers


Chloe’s nerdy friend,

They used to play a lot on Carries house . Even thought with very different goals they still good friend, but Chloe cant understand the relation she have with her sister and brother

She goes every weekend to play Table RPG with some very strange endings…


She have a name, people just tend not to remember it, you can find her working on most places in the city, but she is mostly known for working as a delivery girl at a pizza place.

She loves her boyfriend more than everything in life, still cheating is different in her live. and Chloe always find herself stuck with her in the worst possibles ways;

Amy and Kaoru

It’s hard to tell how old Japanese people are.

Amy(right) is Chloe’s classmate 18 still a virgin, and Chloe dont know much about her, but think turning her into a slut may take the ateting from her

Kaoru(left) Chloe meet her while playing RPG with Carrie, she reaaly is 32yo but somehow look younger than Chloe, Chloe just found out that she used be a pop idol back in Japan, and then became a porn start over there when she turned 18, way before coming to america


they are what Chloe wants to be

Ellie the leader, force chloe and everyone to do what she wants to. always end up find a way to fuck up with people and have fun, (no on ever saw her fucking..)

Loane the taller and hotter cheerleader, she looks like a top model, she is the reason people goes to see the Cheerleader before the game(alos Tom’s girlfriend)Chloe just found out that they both chea on each other but they still dont know

Fat Beth Chloe hates her more than anything, so she will do anything in her power to see her suffer, still she does like Chloe

Hanna and Annie

Hanna(right) Chloe meet her while she was working at the park, she is older than Chloe (22yo). Chloe have fucked every on Hanna’s family and Hanna’s boyfriend too, still they are very good friends .

Hanna have a very dark side afer she takes only a few beers

Annie(left) Chloe moved with her and her family during Chloe’s Vacation Game . You can play the game to know more about her


Hanna and Annie both have their own game: Hanna’s boat trip. Check it out this hidden gem.


Chloe18 may all be about girls modeled after real life people with a very high level o realism, and is written by Bella.
But it still have a lot of sub story girls, and some very hot and realist milfs you may want to meet too

Dont Forget to cast you vote:

Everyone can vote HERE

Super patrons can vote HERE 

(super patrons will choose twice, the winner of regular vote and super patron vote will get a lot of more scenes)

January 1, 2020 GDS Chloe18 9 Comments


  1. Anonymous

    January 2, 2020

    Hi, I’m into milfs personally but I understand that we’re all different and that you need to cater for ALL your fans. Thanks to not forget the likes of me though 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    January 4, 2020

    i’d like to See Annie again, maybe some new Info on how she’s doing and what’s she up to now. . . .

  3. Anonymous

    January 5, 2020

    Annie and Hanna. Please 😉

  4. Anonymous

    January 9, 2020

    How do you get her to ditch her undies at school?

    • Anonymous

      January 30, 2020

      use bath and after bath hurry to get ready for school she will forget to put
      on panties

  5. Anonymous

    January 9, 2020

    I wonder how close the game is to being completed

  6. Watsherz

    January 11, 2020

    Amy/Kaoru are the best ones, we see them not alot and need more.
    All girls have many scenes, but Amy/Kaoru have 1 senes + 1 album only.
    It would be nice if some votes will do those two girls.

    Please consider the number of scenes that already exist and those two newgirls ignored.
    A game already exist for pizzagirl, a game already exist for hanna and annie, a game already exist for carie + old chloe18, cheerleaders with chloe were at the begin so many scenes too and Taylor got alot of atention in this new game.

    For MILFS there are some scenes from nightclub/school but Amy have 1 scenes that have no interest in her and 1 album for kaoru that always do same thing. :'(

    More scenes for those who got ignored is then the best thing that can be decided.

  7. Anonymous

    January 14, 2020

    on online version of back to class, crash every time when reach new level of slut.

  8. Yebaklack

    January 19, 2020

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