Chloe18 NEXT update Coming

(I learned how to do better and smoother animation, And I plan to start making better animation on my games soon, I just need more patrons or time to buy the Hardware missing)


Chloe is getting back to her School, as it was voted by my patron on her new story-line “Chloe18 Back to Class”

The Patrons decided on  a lot of things, from what was going to be the updated about, the people in it, even the name of the game.

But they also choose to make the next update longer, so they voted to the next update be in 3 months.


But I cant let you guys with Nothing for so long right?

working on the game I made a New Work for Chloe, CAMGIRL, But this path alone was huge, so I decided to released it as a standalone game

What to expect:

  • Lots of sex and animations
  • Chloe will behave to what you do, even how she dresses and talks
  • If you ask her to wear a Dva or any other cosplay she will comment on your requests, for exemple
  • control Chloe’s show
  • Lost of stats, choices and actions,
  • XP, Skill trees
  • even with all the above it still focused on sex, And not grind or hard to reach (actullly you can force Chloe to start masturbation in show in 30s or less if you wish

The next update Is almost done, I was planning to release this 30th, but I will delay it to the first week of next month, I dont want any bugs, and stuff.

I just need to finish the upgrade/skills tree


September 27, 2018 GDS Chloe18 1 Comment

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