Hello peeps, Another week, another post so let’s dive right into it. GDS has been wrapping up the bar scenes while focusing mainly on the RPG-Fantasy portion of the game. Animations have been a priority as well, as you can see in the Featured Image of this post. Another focus has been bug fixing and […]

Hello guys, So as promised here’s another Weekly Preview post. This week GDS has been focusing on the RPG-Fantasy and Bar part of the update. In regards to the RPG-Fantasy, some XXX scenes have been made and new characters have been introduced to the plot before the player can dive into the RPG-Fantasy world. Animations […]

Hi everyone, So this will be a longer post than usual, but we’d like to inform you of what’s going on and some of the changes that were made after reading your feedback. GDS has received a lot of requests to update you guys on what’s been happening in a more consistent matter, so you […]

MACox USERS please read

error:  “unable to find game” Drag the game out of your download folder, or any folder Run The game from your Desktop Error: Is damaged and Cant be opened. You should move to the trash: The latest MACox update forces all developer to buy a mac licence, and since An adult developer cant buy those […]

Game is developed by Joraell. Game now contains: 3600 rendered Images 1:30 hours of gameplay long and short animations (longest have 500 frames on one shot) Maybe this will help you shorten waiting for new part of Chloe 18. You can download version 0.35 E for free here: DOWNLOAD or you can visit Joraell’s patreon […]

Chloe is back, bigger and better than ever. as has been voted with the patrons the next couple updates will be Chloe’s vacations: A new UI better than almost any adult game out there Better graphics(Now compiling to Petreon new rules) Smooth and hot animations Better system and smoother game-play A lot of new people, […]

Chloe18 V1.00 is ready and will be released MARCH, 3rd. Chloe18 just reached a new phase, the game will continue as Chloe18 Part-2. It will use the saves from Chloe18, but you can also do a fresh start.   But hey let’s talk about the next update: Change log: New compression system, Game went from […]

Sorry about the delay, I had a lot of complications on the Development this month, and I did not want to release a half-backed update. Expect over 20 animation, several new routes, and so much replay-value that you could play 4 times without seeing the same thing twice