SEP progress update

Last update was 2-3 weeks ago, And we added a lot of things, but there are a LOT more to come:
Next update will be most of Taylor’s scenes:

Her whole Route, when you can choose two outcomes: Making Taylor into a slut. or a friend. both will end up in a lot of sex:

And the old promised Carwash:

It was delay because I thought just a few scenes would be too much tease, so now at release it will be ALOT of scenes




September 29, 2022 GDS Chloe18 40 Comments


  1. Charles Gordy

    September 30, 2022

    The sex scenes are not complete always cuts back to hall and not showing the sex scenes

  2. PurrvertedSnowflake

    September 30, 2022

    What do you mean by Alpha 3? Is this unlike other games where youre releasin it all at once or somethin? Or is this version 0.1 alpha?

  3. Anonymous

    September 30, 2022

    the next update are not free now? only v69.2 free?

  4. anon

    October 2, 2022

    This devs updates become more confusing as time goes on lmao

  5. juice

    October 3, 2022

    pretty sure this is a 1 person development, y’all, there are plenty of other NSFW content (and friends, I hope) out there to hold you off until comrade has a polished delivery. Thanks for the update GDS, shit looks dope, and we hope you’ve been well considering the tumult you went through a few months back.

    • Hopeful

      October 15, 2022

      the goal was met to hire someone to help out, lets hope the money was used to hire the help and updates come quicker now

  6. Finn destroyer of ass

    October 3, 2022

    Is this Ff or the new Chloe 18 game? I’m confused

  7. Anonymous

    October 3, 2022

    how do i transfer progress of my games form one device to another (i tried via usb, no progress was saved)

    • Anonymous

      October 4, 2022

      copy files at C:\Users\chumpington\AppData\Local\Chloe1918 from one computer to another.

      • Anonymous

        October 6, 2022

        the issue rn is all my games (chloe18, fake family and others) r in my D drive and not my C drive

        • Anonymous

          October 9, 2022

          It does not matter which drive your games are on.
          This is just about where the save files are stored.
          Those are just put where the above comment said they need to be put.
          The game just looks in that location for the save files no matter where the game itself is stored 😉

  8. ThisIsAScam

    October 10, 2022

    By the current pace of updates and content getting added, it’ll take another 2-3 years until this “new” game will be worth playing.
    Right now its empty, almost no content.

    The “new” / old glory hole part is incomplete with placeholders asking for more patreon support!?

    Fuck off dude

    • Anonymous

      October 18, 2022

      truuuue some of the new chloe parts are really bad.

      Especially the… [next update], maybe

  9. Anonymous

    October 10, 2022

    When is the game going to be playable on Mac systems if at all?

    • Anonymous

      November 4, 2022

      I’m playing it on Mac.

  10. Creepy Uncle

    October 11, 2022

    So hey, I do not want to be a buzzkill or anything like that, but I felt the need to make a positive critic of the game, to maybe point out some flaws that could be addressed in the future.

    1. Game has some stability issues. Not sure what platform you built it on, but its really unstable for Windows. After about 30 minutes, the game will lock up and force a restart, because the menu and controls just disappear.

    2. Sex Shop, after purchasing everything, the only thing so far I have found that worked as intended, other than the pot tea in a can, is the Glory Hole outfit. Everything else states its sold out, but you cannot use it in any way.

    3. Instead of a having a scooter to take you to the downtown open air mall, just maybe have icons for the lingerie store (which also is bugged, cannot seem to progress with Ginger at all, no matter how many road gangbang trips you go on, which means you cannot get Gingers help in the lingerie store). I also tested to see if I could get any further content with Otaku but nothing I can see.

    4. Maybe a future update might be to look into a new game, Home Together. It is doing some impressive things with allowing character creation, its still in its early stages, but it looks very promising, and my thoughts are to include that at a later date, to allow people some choices in how their character looks. After that, depending on certain choices, might affect how they are treated based on physical looks, things like that.

    • Anonymous

      October 11, 2022

      Also, Would be amusing and twisted for pregnancy options

  11. Confused

    October 15, 2022

    where do we get the password for the newest game??

  12. SilkPanties

    October 15, 2022

    I would love to see a game like the Chloe games, that let us make our own characters, our own reputations, and things based on look as you stated. The pregnancy option would a nice risk/twist to the game, but I would add the option for a plan b pill or something, in case someone didn’t want to go through with it (added responsibility may not be for everyone) I like your ideas, and I really hope the dev looks at them and tries to work on something along those lines.

    • LacePanties

      October 15, 2022

      This was meant as a reply to Creepy Uncle, unsure why it posted as a separate comment -.-

  13. Angry user

    November 3, 2022

    Can’t believe the speed of releases. This is a ripoff

  14. GFS

    November 3, 2022

    GDS starts a new Game which is a remake of the old one so he can copy&paste 90% of the content.
    Promises to deliver updates every other week and deliver a full game soon after.

    Result is as expected, the game is dog shit so far, lot less content as the original and the animations are still shit!
    And, of course, no update in over a month…

    what a fucking joke dude

    • Anonymous

      November 3, 2022

      yep. the sooner people stop paying this ass, the better. Once the money completely dries up, maybe he will get a clue. But most likely, he won’t. Spend your cash on other games. There are many good ones that also have great support from the creators. I say again, stop giving this ass any more money!

  15. Anonymous

    November 5, 2022

    No new inspirations.
    The first part was the best

  16. Sebbec

    November 5, 2022

    No new inspirations.
    The first part was the best

  17. Anonymous

    November 6, 2022

    Whats the p@ssword for the latest game? (I a stopped paying a while ago)

  18. Anonymous

    November 12, 2022

    omegalul 6 weeks ago… i’ll do two updates a month. maybe he just had a typo and meant an update every two months. which would still be an improvement from before. hilarious to watch this dumpster fire.

  19. Anonymous

    November 15, 2022

    GDS is a great artist! I mean come on, he copy pastes content, delivers whenever he wants and still has a big group of people throwing cash at his lazy ass. When I grow up I wanna be like him 😀

  20. Anonymous

    November 17, 2022

    What a surprise xD. Brasilians never want to work, just want easy money. Nothing new to me.

  21. Anonymous

    November 19, 2022

    I just hope with all the supporters money at least he was able to bang the whore model that Chloe is supposedly based on

  22. GPS

    November 23, 2022

    Dead game is dead,
    stop your support subscriptions guys, give that money to devs who actually deserve it

  23. Embarrassed

    November 23, 2022

    Why have I checked this every day since this post came out?

  24. Anonymous

    November 28, 2022

    lmao whenever i am feeling down i come over here and it cheers me up seeing how fucking smart i was to cancel my sub 6 months ago. like what, 1 release?

  25. Cousins friend of friend

    December 4, 2022

    He has gotten deeper into drugs and ended up in hospital and now in a psych ward, RIP

    • Anonymous

      December 4, 2022

      >blowing patrons’ money on hookers and blow


      >in a psych ward

      “character inspiration”

  26. Anonymous

    December 16, 2022

    Gds is really just a disappointment now. the Chloe frenchise is amazing but he’s unreliable, lazy and borderline fraudulent

  27. GPS

    December 17, 2022

    Even the new animations in that new “beta” are horrible.
    The dev should take some anatomy courses or maybe just have sex for the first time to figure out how stuff like that actually looks like.
    Wow this is so bad

  28. raquel

    March 20, 2023

    hey guys
    what game is this?
    Which version?

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