One update done, a lot more to go


Fakefamily is not over or abandoned: it was voted to have a single multi-ending Chloe game, and people whould vote for the endings to be added to FakeFamily game


-The latest update is here-

it has been 5 months since last update.
it was supposed to be the biggest update so far. sadly Shit hit the fan like a truck last month, Even if all scenes story ETC where done, I could not put it together,

So we are not going to delay anymore.

You are getting a Small update today!

And until the end of the month a almost full game!

the goal of this update is for you to see how far the game has gone, it has only 19 new scene, and 10 old/remade one, by the end of the month all routes should be playable and all mechanics should be in place  and it should have around 40 NEW scenes or more



SO what is NEXT?

  • in one week its gonna be out the full Gloryhole and fuckton of scenes/story progress and bug-fix/new-Bugs
  • any ideas on how to call this Side-story game will be welcome and put to vote.
  • Also there are going to be a few polls:

Have you noticed that the intro is mostly older scenes form older games There where remade?

The idea is to add Variants or more stuff into the old stories.

in this intro Scene is from Chloe’s first Game when she loses her virginity, is a very small scene, she passes out quickly, but we are planning to add other thing on how “she remembered”


  1. Just make the Scene longer with animated sex , with the same story, the dude tries to trick Chloe keeps challenging her and she gets into it( all consensual dudes!)
  2. Make the scene a bit more hard, it starts the same way, but as she starts to fuck she gets really into it and show her first SLUT side, with a bit more hardcore sex
  3. Chloe changes totally and her fist time now is with 2 guys, the regular dude plus his giant cocked friend while Eliie just watches
  4. Or even harder, /chl fuck them both, Elie join and so does another guy

NOTE: All those scenes expect the first one WONT be cannon, it will be just a option for her to “image it” so it wont change the game’s story


As many people notice a lot of scene had a lot of outcomes and option that sometimes may get a bit too much Carrie’s story for exemple and many more to come.
So Im thinking to add in game “HELPER” like quest markers that will give you hints on what to do

  1. No help needed
  2. Simple help, just give vage tips on how to progress
  3. Best quest marker: a small jornal when you can chose what to track or not, and follow ir better


The next polls will have: The game name, and vote on suggestions
So please Comment on the Patreon post or discord on those

August 8, 2022 GDS Chloe18 22 Comments


  1. Anonymous

    August 9, 2022

    when will the last update for the non-patron users come out?

    • Not GDS

      August 13, 2022
  2. Anonymous

    August 9, 2022

    I never remember how to actually install these on my Mac. I wonder if I should just wait and go through the rigamarole all at once.

  3. Anonymous

    August 10, 2022

    I vote for 3, but have it end with one or two creampies.

  4. Anonymous

    August 15, 2022

    I thought we were getting an update every week. Was that yet another lie?

    • Anonymous

      August 15, 2022

      At this point, are you surprised?

    • Anonymous

      August 16, 2022

      Yep, GDS only lies. Don’t give him your money and support cuz he sure won’t support you.

  5. Anonymous

    August 16, 2022

    Quit with the lying GDS.. just go away already. Obvious you will never finish this game. You are just ripping people off.

  6. Anonymous

    August 16, 2022

    I vote #5. Pack it up GDS. You’re not gonna give anyone a complete game ever.

  7. GDЅ

    August 17, 2022
    • Anonymous

      August 18, 2022

      u shit,si quan jia

    • Anonymous

      August 18, 2022

      Nothing surprising here, this is the kind of answer anyone would expect from a sleazebag like you. I used to be one of your patrons and here we are now, after I understood you’re someone who has no idea how to run a project, who doesn’t give a fuck about his community and who refuses to acknowledge any of that.

      You’ve definitely lost me for good, and I hope more of your supporters open their eyes too.

      • GDS

        August 18, 2022

        yes, I just scammed my subscribers for almost a Year and this will go on for a while.
        Feels bad a little bit-. but not really.
        Free money is welcome

        • Anonymous

          August 22, 2022

          u shit,GDS u mother die

      • Anonymous

        September 21, 2022

        You do realize that that isn’t his official account and just some fake GDS account right? This is me hoping you realize that.

  8. GDS

    August 22, 2022
  9. Anonymous

    August 22, 2022
    • Anonymous

      August 22, 2022

      At least the fake posts happen way way more often than GDS posts.

    • GDS

      August 23, 2022

      They might be fake but their not wrong

      • Anonymous

        August 23, 2022

        Yep! What’s better… fake account telling the truth or real account spewing lies?

  10. GDS

    September 3, 2022

    Dang, I forgot the password for my Chloe18 New …

  11. GDS

    September 9, 2022

    new update but no access … where is the rest of Fake Family?!?

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