Chloe18 V1.00

Chloe18 V1.00 is ready and will be released MARCH, 3rd.

Chloe18 just reached a new phase, the game will continue as Chloe18 Part-2.

It will use the saves from Chloe18, but you can also do a fresh start.


But hey let’s talk about the next update:

Change log:
  • New compression system, Game went from 2gb to 400mb with no quality lost
  • 3800 images, in total
  • 99 Achievements
  • All routes so far have a end
  • There are no more dead ends in the game
  • 11 new Achievements
  • Several bug fixes
  • Audio fix
  • finally Chloe will have to pay rent, or not
  • Find out who Pizza-girl fucked the bikers
  • try again to be a cheerleader

I’m sorry that this update will only have 11 new scenes,

But it’s still bigger than what most games give out per/month.

I will keep giving Huge updates every month, this month was just special since I needed to finish Hanna’s boat trip, and create a new engine for Chloe18.


Thank you for your support!







February 27, 2018 GDS Chloe18 29 Comments


  1. Anonymous

    March 1, 2018

    When date can we download the next update?

  2. Anonymous

    March 1, 2018

    Hannah’s boat trip that is.

    • GDS author

      March 1, 2018

      Hanna’s boat iss a finished game, so no more updates,
      it will became free next week

      • Anonymous

        March 2, 2018

        I’ve now become a Patron. Keep up the good work.

  3. Anonymous

    March 2, 2018

    Is there a HTML version of Matt and the bus stop girl?

  4. Diego

    March 2, 2018

    when will the Spanish version be available?

  5. Kevin

    March 2, 2018

    Une version française est-elle prévu ?

  6. Anonymous

    March 3, 2018

    this update is just for patreon or not ??

    • GDS author

      March 8, 2018
  7. Anonymous

    March 6, 2018

    when will 1.0 be free to download?

    • GDS author

      March 8, 2018
  8. Anonymous

    March 8, 2018

    when is 1.0 comming out to public

    • GDS author

      March 8, 2018
  9. Anonymous

    March 8, 2018

    still nothing 🙁

  10. Ed

    March 9, 2018

    “Failed to create Direct3D 9ex divice” the game does not open for me and this is the message… how do i fix it

    • GDS author

      March 9, 2018

      maybe it’s your Anti-virus
      or you dont have directX on your PC
      because it’s working fine for everyone else

      • Ed

        March 9, 2018

        so what, should i dissable my antyvirus and try? and i do have dirext X

  11. itsme

    March 9, 2018

    Hi, I played 1.01 and get the following issues:
    – Cant get the jacket. I have gotten pizza girl to have sex with the bikers and tell me about it, but still the bikers insist I need to bring a girl-
    – Can’t get the trying to avoid rent and after rent blues
    – cant get to the interview and hired
    – can’t get not a virgin right
    – ca,’t get not the right time for selfie and easy discount at the same time.
    – can’t get how she lost it.

    Perhaps its just me. Is there a recent walktrough?

    • GDS author

      March 9, 2018

      the only thing you could not get on the 1.02 was -after rent blues- and it was fixed on 1.02
      The walkthought have all 99 Achievements

  12. Anonymous

    March 9, 2018

    where is walkthrogh

    • GDS author

      March 9, 2018

      in the game download page

  13. 1hornygamer

    March 10, 2018


    Few suggestions (in the present locations)
    (or is this too risky for the bugs (trigger mess)?)
    – now that you have included the landlord and the “payments”, a lot more possibilites arise for the otherwise boring “home”
    – the landlord randomly creeps on Chloe even on other mornings /nights
    – Chloe gets to chose if she sleeps in the piyamas / underwear / naked (depends on her sluttyness level) -> the landlord makes different reactions- depending on the sluttyness level Chloe can sleep through it, fake sleep or even participate (do it for the rent).
    – if she masturbates without the toys, the landlord can find her panties wet in the morning
    – later on, after she already fucks the landlord, they could also proceed with “fake sleep” scenario – he undresses her, fingers her, uses toys and so on
    – when she masturbates through the night even on other mornings, not only friday, she can be caught with the toys in the pussy –
    – when she masturbates with the butt plug plus the dildo, it should be in her ass in the morning (so no ass “probing” for the landlord, or could he try to remove it)
    – when she masturbates with the butt plug, she can decide to wear it through the next day (in pantyless clothes) – or make it a wearable item at all -> new interactions (school, caffe job, park) – butt plug in school results (sometimes) in teacher fucking her – or schoolmates finding out
    – when she greets the landlord on the rent collecting morning (or other mornings, he could just “come by”, and she would decide to dress, greet him in piyamas or nude) and if bottomless (like in 1.02, the landlord reaction should be different, maybe like: “So today you are again ready for an alternative payment?”)
    – when her sluttyness level rises, she should be able to masturbate every day
    – maybe the landlord could be able to use her toys on her too (combined with more of them – gag, clamps … )
    – please make all the stats appear in the options panel – and make sluttyness counter readable (numeral value)
    – when she is high in sluttynes and even high profile exhibitionist it is funny that she would refuse to go to some locations in certain clothes – for the gloryhole dress in the park it could be (with high enough sluttyness and exhibitionism) an option to make a “nude streak” – spend the afternoon in the park fully nude (some progression possible – first just in the bushes, then on the bench, then masturbating) – she could ask (or be asked) at the caffee work to wear different dresses or even serve fully naked – so many more possibilites for Filthy Otaku and also the “charisma biker” (when levels high enough) – or Chloe has to change in front of everyone or is sent home
    – if she comes to the park on the evening date with Guss in wrong clothes, she could be asked to be fully nude or leave (not the “black screen” like now)
    – add the animation for removing panties with the “evening dress” in the park
    – for the slutty school uniform – make it possible to wear it in the school (and !sometimes! get busted by the headmaster – and sometimes just get weird looks; maybe get some “special treatment” by the teacher) – it could be also used for another dare in her “cheerleading” career
    – different teachers=different reactions on Chloe being pantyless / touching herself in the class
    – skipping class should result in some sort of punishment throughout all the game and not only until the “sex shop girl” detention – maybe another detention with the said girl or the headmaster scene or some teacher scene or maybe the scene where pizza girl and Chloe are cleaning the school – and skipping would bring her to the map, not only text screen, with some activities possible (maybe park, fitness, state park or sex shop)
    – Chloe could be also flashing tits on the tribune – or make a nude streak (not only panties) – and maybe sometimes those actions should have “consequences”
    – later on, if Chloe uses both the pencil and the pen, she gets busted every time by the teacher – it kills it really – it should be just sometimes – and sometimes maybe the scene from the acchievement “For years to come”
    – if Chloe doesn’t wear the uniform to the school, she could be punished in some way – eg. made to go to the headmaster
    – the afternoon gym could end with jocks eyeing Chloe (or later on fucking her)(now it occurs only once for an issue, which kind of sucks)
    – when stealing in the guys bathroom, she could be busted – and “punished”
    – she could pay the drugs in the gym toilets with eating out the dealer on higher levels of sluttyness
    – maybe add a locker in the school, where Chloe can change dress during the school time – on higher exhibitionist levels she doesn’t go to the toilet to change, but does it just in the corridor – gets thrills /gets busted
    – Chloe makes a choice which workout clothes she wears for the PE, and she gets corresponding results – maybe she is even made to make a nude streak in the gym during the PE
    – the Fitness Gym is boring (I went there ony for the achievement)- Chloe just peaks – maybe she would get the attention here and get properly fucked if she would work out topless or nude
    – In the state park, Chloe shoud be able to do yoga pantyless, with a different outcome (on certain exhib level)- the same is true for the toilets – maybe she wants to win her stolen panties back
    – make a nice twisted scene if Chloe comes with the glory hole dress in the park (afternoon) – maybe the guys from sex shop recognize her or something – and she must fuck them for them not to tell on her
    – if you introduce piyamas and underwear, these can be also used for many additional place and people responses (so underwear is not only for a dare)
    – beach is another location, which becomes boring so quickly – Chloe could be bathing /sunbathing topless or in nude – and getting suitable response. And we miss the kid, make him fucking her a recurrable event, not only once
    – make “bikers pit” a rewarding location in the end (Chloe earned the jacked quite “hardly”) – maybe a group sex scene or choice of the scenes from the biker girl and the gang and not just a “group photo” – it is really a disappointment
    – it could be that workout clothes are only in lockers in the school and the fitness, not at home – they don’t make any sense there
    – dance – maybe, on higher levels, you could include more “moves” -which, with the stripper dress, can be used to perform on the pole in the sex shop – or Chloe practices dancing in the fitness on the pole and “stuff” ensues
    – quit the automatic dress change – the black screen, like on Guss date, is better, even better is making “complications” for Chloe out of it
    – cum could stay on Chloe in Glory hole (multiple layers) 0r even later in the day and provoke different responses
    – actions could be fully skippable and not only “fast forwardable”, and it would be nice to add forward-backward arrows to it – sometimes you want to see it, sometimes you don’t -and there should be practicaly no event, which would be 100% predictable, like many now …
    – points for modeling add up too slowly – you get fed up and do it just for the achievement (skip it all the time) , which is not the point
    – maybe there can be a punishment for Chloe to skip the PE – and punishment if she forgets (by random) the sports equipment – or gets it stolen
    – as in many games of this sort, money starts to accumulate pointlessly in the game later on and is not spent at all, but in the beginning you really suffer
    – Chloe could have masturbated also in school toilet – and got busted / faint and get busted /get fucked afterwards/taken photo of
    – there could be a school schedule, which Chloe would have to stick to or suffer “consequences”
    – make more save slots and /or make them exportable
    – generally there could be less linear story, more random events, and each place more used, to keep them enjoyable – this makes you spare some drawing, but is probably much more complicated to program without being buggy
    – the achievements should be clickable -> run the suitable action sequence or animation
    – walktroughs are understood to be cheating, so make a proper one, with all the details (or maybe just make some clear spoilers hidden and uncoverable) – who wants to really enjoy the game can still not read it
    – I find schedules on the places (when they are open) much too limiting and illogical – park should be open all day, and Chloe could always call “the exhibitionist boy” to join her there – or would he appear randomly there.
    – the cell phone was already introduced – Chloe could be taken picture of when on one of her “activites” and than blackmailed – for the money or for the fucks (landlord, fitness men, jocks in the PE (when showering or when being fucked), chearleaders)
    – Carrie home is also extremely boring when achievement ended, there shoud be a nice “hot action” possible (maybe a hitachi again?)

    Ok, clearly I got deeply into this thing, kind of creepy really, but, maybe it helps …

  14. Xavier

    March 12, 2018

    GDS. I need your help. I am building games as well for adults and I enjoy my work. However, I am totally dumb when it comes to the final part to proceed with getting games out there. How do I store them to create the URL to post them on patreon or elsewhere. My knowledge is terrible at websites and what have you. I just need to know, if you feel like helping me, if you can email me a step by step process to achieve my goals. By the way, I love Chloe18 and I have played it often and built my game around some of the things you have done. (Not stealing your story or characters or game mind you but merely the camera angles and clickable area’s.) P.S. I just want the path or knowledge to proceed. I dont need help other than your tech savvy mind. Thank you in advance if you help, or still thank you for at least reading this and not helping. Regardless, keep up the great work.

  15. AllohaEkert

    March 14, 2018

    Does the reduction in size to 400mb lead to a slower start of the game (i read something about extracting to a temp folder?)
    Its so god damn slow right now and seriously annoys me(i7 processor and SSD).
    Most new games are like 50Gb or so. 400mb or 2GB or 3Gb, the size doesnt really matter if you play on windows, but a startime of a minute does.
    Please fix that or give the option to waste space ;), i dont want to feel bad everytime i start the game just to save some disk space.

    • GDS author

      March 14, 2018

      the slow start is due that the game unpacks all 3800 images every-time you start it,
      It can be averted by copping the temp folder and using it as a game.

  16. Anonymous

    March 15, 2018

    By fresh start, but old saves still work. How far into the fresh start do you need to get before the old saves kick in?

  17. shadow

    April 23, 2018

    HELP!i cannot reach the jacket quest and the ‘trying the avoid rent’ and ‘after rent blues’
    someone have any suggestion? thanx..

  18. Anonymous

    May 6, 2018

    does it have ransomware in it because my virus said it did

    • GDS author

      May 6, 2018

      as long you download from MY links, there are nothing wrong,
      over 1k downloads everyday, no virus

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