Chloe18 Back to Class progress update

Chloe18 Back to Class is around 1/3 finished

the first update is going to be huge like it was voted,
aiming for over 50 animation

Most location have being upgraded, like the gym/Diner/School and much more:

New upgraded Diner, And now Chloe will wear a wig on this job

School was totally remade, still having the old looks but way better,

and a few more students for Chloe to corrupt:

Interface is way better, keeping the old stats that people loved like the Slut/prude progress:


More tapes from The Kaoru Quest line:

And of course a lot of new High Quality animation with high realistic Girls(modeled after real People above the legal age)

October 30, 2018 GDS Chloe18 No Comments

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