Chloe18 Vacation – Free Version-

Chloe18 Vacation

This is a new Chapter on Chloe’s story, it picks up from the last game, but it can be also played as a stand alone

After Chloe’s 18 birthday she set to fulfill her dream,

but unfortunately he end up with a fame of a slutty girl.

To lose that fame Chloe sets off on the summer break to a plane where no one knows here, will she be able to have a normal live?


Download: Latest version 0.14



MAC Version 0.14-                          -HOW TO RUN CHLOE18 on your MACox-

-Android Version 0.14- 

-Online Version- 



what is new:

Game file size was lowered to 200MB but still the same quality(it was supposed to be 1,5GB)

  • Lots of new scenes(over 30 animations)
  • New people to meet,
  • New places to go
  • table RPG with the nerds
  • Play the cupid with her friend,
  • Or just have fun in the bar’s bathroom
  • Severel bug fixed
  • Game balanced,
  • All stats have a use
  • File can be exported from the original Chloe18 to befriend some people faster(it happens automatic)
  • HTML5 version is now working 100%
  • New bugs were added
  • And much more



  • new story picking up from Chloe18
  • A new city
  • New game engine
  • 16 fully animated sex scenes
  • Several new places
  • New job
  • Better graphics
  • Ne U


  • Fixed a random bug that gave a error with lots of ##########
  • Fixed a bug that Chloe didn’t need to sleep
  • Fixed the achievements not saving( Need to see them again to unlock)
  • Add option to sleep before 06PM
  • fixed a bug that restarted Ginger and the work quest every time you restarted the game
  • ADD a bug that made impossible finish the First day


  • Fixed the bug that made impossible finish the First day


  • fixed again bug with lots of ######(this time is for sure)
  • Fixed several other bugs
    add unknown bugs – please report
  • Android and MAC added



Disclaimer, As stated during the game, all characters are above the legal age, Every act is of consent of all parts involved. and no on is related