Chloe18 Back To Class -FREE VERSION-




Go back to the life of Chloe, a 18 years old girl that did everything to became a cheerleader.

Chloe18 is back. with over 141 animations, its the biggest adult game of its kind and its on a early stage,


-New place Beach(weekends only)
-40 new scenes all animations
-several new story lines
-New stats "Exhibitionism" and "volleyball"
-Taylor corruption route will come this month -JUNE-
-New menu
-minor bug fixes
-Several new stuff
-Hidden annoying bug you will probably not find -I didn't found it yet-
- Fixed bug that made impossible to click anything if you had negative energy
- Fixed the bug where If you run out of energy with Pizza Girk
- Fixed bug that made impossible to click anything if you had negative energy(HARDFIX for people that still got it)
- Slutty bikini needs now only 9 Slut





-Windows-  Recommend

-MacOS-                 MAC USERS PLEASE READ >>>  – -HOW TO RUN CHLOE18 on your MACox-–  

-Android-    Getting install Error on android PLEASE HERE 

-HTML5(online)-   don’t use it unless you cant use the above versions 

Mirrors: (Mega.NZ)

Disclaimer: As stated during the game, all characters are above the legal age, Every act is of consent of all parts involved. and no one is related

  • 141 Animated Scenes – one of the biggest Adult game out there – and THE BIGGEST V02 adult game you will ever find.
  • Even with its huge size it still have its high quality, and it takes its fans feedback into consideration
  • Chloe18 BtC Have its own Handcraft game engine making into a one of kind game, that really surpass other adult games that you only keep Click next( No rem’ply or RPG-maker here)
  • All girls are hand-made after real people.
  • The story is made by GDS and Bella-Lolly the models that gave life to the game
  • The games doesn’t Rely on cheap gimmicks and Grindings, instead delivers what you came for.